The Centre for Community Research and Development (CCRD) is a Zimbabwe based nongovernmental nonprofit organization focusing on the empowerment of communities through the management and ownership by communities of their own development processes.
The CCRD’s programming include sustainable community development activities, peace building, gender mainstreaming, leadership development, community and indigenous minority rights, and increasing access to local resources, environmental protection and information technology. Implementation of each programme area follows in-depth systematic researches that appropriately identify community problems in each programme area and propose community driven remedial processes.
The organization’s team has broad expertise and is equipped to understand the nuanced needs of communities, identify problems and opportunities, and facilitate the development of sustainable solutions. It is trained to lead technical assistance strategies focused on community building and community development programs and projects.

Thus the CCRD seeks to build healthier communities, by relieving suffering, increasing security, and helping people take charge of their lives and the life of their communities. In this regard the CCRD is increasingly building global partnerships with local, regional, and international organizations that place sustainable community development projects at the forefront of their activities.
Zimbabwe's population of over 13 million finds itself in the midst of drastic change that is having a negative effect on the sustainability of living and natural environment. In particular, mining, farming and tourism sectors are impacting on community organizational life. The country’s decade of recession has also negatively affected health, education and other social service delivery infrastructure. The CCRD’s programming thus seeks to narrow socio-economic difficulties arising from the current changes that are aggravating inequalities, extreme poverty and exclusion of local communities from decision making processes.