• Empowerment of communities through the management and ownership by communities of their own development processes.
  • Mobilize resources to address the numerous development needs of the poor
  • Making socio-economic justice accessible to disadvantaged communities.
  • Present alternative and sustainable livelihood strategies to residents of poor communities


The project strives to alleviate problems through increasing public awareness of opportunities for economic and social development, by fostering social responsibility and self-reliance in villages and cities. It empowers communities, inclusive of the more vulnerable, to participate in creating their own economic opportunities and improving the quality of their lives.
The project also serves to arouse civic interest in communities particularly among the less active groups, women and youth. Women and youth are ordinarily least interested in the ongoing socio-economic and political scene. Workshops are also used as a platform for communities to share views on civil life and state and ideas as to what further initiatives can be taken.
Further, the project promotes public forums to raise and discuss issues surrounding existing and proposed policies impacting on local communities. Evidence suggests that community participation in public policy processes can contribute to improved governance, increased development effectiveness through better service delivery, and empowerment. Hence the CCRD assists communities by obtaining, analyzing and disseminating information, mobilizing public support, and advocating and negotiating change. An array of social accountability initiatives is introduced to communities to enable them to promote transparency, accountability and participatory policy making.
Involving citizens in initiatives geared towards demanding transparency and accountability of elected leaders and appointed officials strengthens democracy and protects against corruption. It also encourages citizens to be more engaged in the decision-making processes that have an impact on their local community.